Build Crypto Exchange Platform with High Security Features and Adons

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a Crypto Trading Platform Script helps to start your own bitcoin or Crypto exchange website instantly. Using this ready made bitcoin exchange script you can buy and sell crypto currencies and fiat currencies easily and safely. Because ready made crypto trading script is built with the set of source code which has the existing features and functionalities that are need for cryptocurrency exchange.

White label cryptocurrency exchange development has the customized options for crypto trading, where you alter/append your trading options, fees structure, trading pair options, customized admin panel and more. If you wanna launch cryptocurrency exchange website from the scratch, you can choose white label crypto exchange script, so you can be an owner of your website within 7 weeks.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Admin Features

Analytical Dashboards
Trade Pairs Management
FeedBack System
Dispute Management
Price Ticker
Commission Management
Transaction History
Post Buy/Sell Ads
Currency and Language Setting

User Features

Spot Trading
Atomic Swap
Payment Mode
View Ticket Status
Mobile Trading
Recent Orders
Biometric Authentication

Security Features

DDos Mitigation
Jail Login
Escrow Mangement
Multisignature Wallet
AML Verification
IP Based Login Restriction


Trade Calculate
SEO Enabled
Socket System
Site Branding
Customized Trading Options

Why Coinjoker for Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development?

Coinjoker is a superior in cryptocurrency exchange script provider we are on the market for more than 12 years, building crypto exchange, blockchain, DeFi and NFT solutions for financial sectors, startups and entrepreneurs across globe. We are one of the first to introduce enterprise startup, blockchain technology in the financial services, crypto and Blockchain industry,

Coinjoker has obtained strong expertise in delivering cryptocurrency wallet and clone solutions to its clients. Among our recent projects in DeFi and NFT Clone Scripts are: PancakeSwap Clone, BakerySwap Clone, Uniswap Clone, Goose finance Clone, OpenSea, Foundation. We also provide metaverse development like metaverse game development, metaverse virtual land development, metaverse marketplace development

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Build Crypto Exchange Platform with High Security Features and Adons
Eva Watson

Eva Watson


Antier Solutions | The best crypto exchange software development company in the world

Antier Solutions is a leading crypto exchange software development company in the USA offering a comprehensive range of services to deliver the world’s best crypto exchange platform. Antier Solutions has a team of skilled blockchain developers who couple their expertise and knowledge to develop top-notch exchanges fortified with best-in-class features. At Antier Solutions, they deliver result-oriented services to deliver meaningful outcomes that help to increase investors’ interest and accomplish your business goals. For details, visit Antier Solutions.
For more information, call us: +91 98550 78699 (India), +1 (315) 825 4466 (US)

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Eva Watson

Eva Watson


Which is the best crypto exchange clone script provider?

Searching for the best crypto exchange clone script provider that offers its services all across the globe?
Antier Solutions is your answer. Whether you want to build an exchange platform like Binance, Paxful, or Coinbase, Antier helps you to build your coveted exchange. We have rich-experience in creating mission-critical solutions to assist clients to disrupt the crypto sphere. We possess a network of experts who leverage their technical expertise to comprehend the objectives and create a reliable platform aligning with their business goals. Our cohesive team always goes the extra mile to assist the clients from ideation and development to deployment and marketing. If you have any idea about your business goal, feel free to discuss it with our expert. Visit us at
For more information, call us: +91 98550 78699 (India), +1 (315) 825 4466 (US)

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aaron silva

aaron silva


Get a customized White Label Crypto Exchange Platform at an unbeatable price

Our Whitelabel crypto exchange platform is equipped with trending features like access to full transaction history for the user anytime, multi-currency deposits and withdrawals by QR code and email, availability of multiple trading pairs, provision of real-time notifications, two-factor authentication, 256SHA encryption, availability of hot and cold multisignature wallets, and firewall implementation.

The benefits include the creation of more trust among investors, transparent pricing, extreme scalability, rapid deployment, high performance, complete customization, and supreme security measures.

The additional aspects we offer are an unlimited supply of ERC-20 tokens, integration with numerous payment gateways, a launchpad for IEO, email interfacing, merchant plugin facility, margin trading option, and direct P2P transfers between users.

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Eva Watson

Eva Watson


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company | Create Crypto Exchange | Antier Solutions

The cross-functional and cohesive team of Antier Solutions incorporates a technology-agnostic approach and modern agile methodology to deliver cryptocurrency exchange platform development services. The company emphasizes on diligent integration of world-class features in terms of security, UI/UX, functionality, and scalability on a single platform to deliver meaningful outcomes that provide an essential competitive edge. Our profound team of blockchain experts aligns forward-thinking solutions with a coherent roadmap to accelerate deployment. Antier fortifies crypto exchange development with its top-notch marketing techniques to nurture your venture and prepare it for long-term success.

For more information, call us: +91 98550 78699 (India), +1 (315) 825 4466 (US)

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aaron silva

aaron silva


Invest in blockchain business to learn how to build a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform

The P2P crypto exchange platform is globally becoming popular in the real world that lured millions of users’ attention in a short period after its launch. Anyone can build a P2P crypto exchange platform using the latest blockchain technology. The P2P crypto exchange platform has paved the way for investors to explore the benefits of their business growth. It benefits global users to exchange their cryptocurrencies using fiat currency, credit/debit cards or other payment modes for the best price value in the market.

The crypto exchange platform is supported with the P2P network for offering users with fast and secure transactions. The P2P crypto exchange platform is powered by automated smart contracts to manage the overall flow of transactions round the clock. It offers robust security over user transaction details in the P2P crypto exchange platform. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies to be exchanged in the P2P exchange platform. The investments towards P2P crypto exchange platform benefits the investors with high returns in the future.

Advantages of P2P Crypto Exchange Platform :

  • Investors can gain immediate liquidity and earn high ROI as passive income for their business growth from the P2P crypto exchange platform.
  • The P2P crypto exchange platform is entirely decentralized and eliminates the need for intermediaries like banks to benefit the users with less gas fees and wait time.
  • It maintains high transparency over user transaction details in the P2P exchange platform to gain their trust.
  • The P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform is integrated with multi-level security protocols like 2-f authentication and Escrow protection to prevent various hacks.
  • Anyone can access the P2P crypto exchange platform seamlessly with less investments irrespective of their wealth and social status since it is an open-source network.
  • It has integrated wallets present in the P2P crypto exchange platform for users to store, transact and buy/sell tokens.
  • The P2P crypto exchange platform benefits investors with customizable options to make changes based on user needs or future trends.
  • It is supported with Distributed Public Ledger in the P2P crypto exchange platform for creating and issuing tokens.

The P2P crypto exchange platform is currently trending in the real world that benefitted global users to adopt digital transition for their economic growth. It is capable of solving complex issues and overcomes challenges to help investors from making worthy investments. Investors can contact a reputed Blockchain Company to learn how to build a P2P crypto exchange platform with high-end features cost-effectively.

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