Dixie  Wolff

Dixie Wolff


List Comprehension | Learn Python | Lesson 11

List Comprehension in Python is something you need to master. When you know how to use them, you will write simpler code.

In this lesson we will learn what List Comprehension is and how to use it. We will start off with a simple example and explore the similar code without list comprehension. Then we will make list comprehension with calculations, with if-statements, if-else-statements, and list comprehension from another list. We will also learn how to make Dict Comprehension.

In the project we will re-do some of our previous code with list comprehension. Specifically, we will make the Caesar Cipher encryption and decryption with List Comprehension. Also, we will make Frequency count with Dict Comprehension.


List Comprehension | Learn Python | Lesson 11