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Fat Free CRM: Ruby on Rails CRM Platform

Fat Free CRM

An open source, Ruby on Rails customer relationship management platform (CRM).

Out of the box it features group collaboration, campaign and lead management, contact lists, and opportunity tracking.

Create Contacts 
Manage Opportunities 
Edit Accounts 
Create Tasks 

Pull requests and bug reports are always welcome!

Visit our website at

System Requirements

  • Ruby 2.6+ recommended
  • MySQL v4.1.1 or later (v5+ is recommended), SQLite v3.4 or later, or Postgres 8.4.8 or later.
  • ImageMagick (optional, only needed if you would like to use avatars)

(Ruby on Rails and other gem dependencies will be installed automatically by Bundler.)


Please view one of the following installation guides:

Setup Linux or Mac OS

Installing Fat Free CRM on Linux or Mac OS X

Setup Heroku

Setting up a Heroku instance for Fat Free CRM

Setup Microsoft Windows

Installing Fat Free CRM on Microsoft Windows

Running Fat Free CRM as a Rails Engine

Run the Fat Free CRM gem within a separate Rails application. This is the best way to deploy Fat Free CRM if you need to add plugins or make any customizations. Note that it is not yet simple to 'bolt' Fat Free CRM into your existing rails project, but we're heading in that direction.

Upgrading from previous versions of Fat Free CRM

Please read the Changelog document for more detailed information on upgrading from previous versions.


Home Page:
Online Demo:
Github Project Page:
Feature Requests and Bugs:
Ruby gem:
Twitter Commit Updates:
User's Google Group:
Developer's Google Group:
IRC Channel:#fatfreecrm on

For Developers

Fat Free CRM is released under the MIT license and is freely available for you to use for your own purposes. We do encourage contributions to make Fat Free CRM even better. Send us a pull-request and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Specific features that are not 'Fat Free' in nature, can be added by creating Rails Engines. See the wiki for information on how to do this.

Tests can easily be run by typing 'rake' but please note that they do take a while to run! Alternatively, you can see the test build status over at our travis page

Main contributors

See the contributors graph and the contributors file for further details.


Fat Free CRM Copyright (c) 2008-2018 Michael Dvorkin and contributors.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Author: fatfreecrm
Source code:

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What is GEEK

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Fat Free CRM: Ruby on Rails CRM Platform

Ruby on Rails Development Services | Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is a development tool that offers Web & Mobile App Developers a structure for all the codes they write resulting in time-saving with all the common repetitive tasks during the development stage.

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Hire Ruby on Rails Developer | Hire RoR Developer

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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Why should we use Ruby on Rails for Software Development?

What is Rails, Ruby on Rails?

Rails is a server-side web application development framework written in the Ruby programming language. Its emergence in 2005 has influenced and impacted web application development to a vast range, including but not limited to seamless database tables, migrations, and scaffolding of views. In the simplest understanding, Rails is a highly productive and intuitive software developer. 

Websites and applications of any complexity can be achieved with Ruby on Rails. The software is designed to perceive the needs of ruby on rails developers and encourage them with the best way out. It is designed to allow developers to write lesser code while spiking productivity much more than any other framework or language. Ruby on Rails rapid application development offers everyday web development tasks easier and uniquely out-of-the-box, both with the same effectiveness.

The Ruby on Rails framework is based on two philosophies:


  • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY): It is a software development principle that ensures that every piece or entity of knowledge must be assigned with a single and unambiguous representation within a development system.

    It not only reduces the need to write lengthy codes but also eliminates the repetitive writing of codes. As a result, it provides a much more manageable web app development with the least possible bugs.


  • Convention over Configuration (CoC): It indicates the highly opinionated feature that the Ruby on Rails framework possesses. It offers ready-made solutions or the “best way out” for many tasks in a web application and defaults them to the convention without the need for external specification. The programmer using the software is required to specify only the unconventional aspects of the web application. 

Some of the commonly known websites built by the Ruby on Rails software developers are Instacart, Scribd, Shopify, Github, ConvertKit, Soundcloud, GoodReads, Airbnb. It finds its application in Sa-as Solutions, Social Networking Platforms, Dating websites, Stock Exchange Platforms, etc.  

Read more: Why Ruby on Rails is Perfect for eCommerce Web Development

Why use Ruby on Rails: The multifold benefits

  • Community and its abundant resources 

    • There is a large community that is dedicated to Ruby on Rails that keeps it up-to-date and indeed encourages its family of developers to continue using it. They make sure the benefits are soaring with every update they make. 

    • The community is committed to developing several ready-to-use code packages, commonly known as gems, for its users. They discuss and announce new project launches, help each other with queries, and engage in framework discussions and betterment. While Ruby on Rails helps developers in rapid application development, it also connects and grows businesses together.

  • Project Scalability

    • To talk about scalability, we indicate the ability to grow and manage more and more user requests per minute (RPM). However, this depends on the architecture rather than the framework. The right architecture of Ruby on Rails web application development allows it to write bulky codes and programs as compared to early-stage difficulties with scalability. 

    • It uses the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. This will enable Rails to create efficient web applications based on Rails 6, launched last year in 2020, which addresses most scalability issues. The portable components are agile and help in a better understanding of new requirements and needful adaptations for any business. The framework and architecture allow both vertical and horizontal scalability.

  • Fast Application Development and Cost Effectiveness

    • Ruby on Rails is lucid, logical, and has lean code requirements, thereby cutting down redundancy and improving the overall development speed. Lesser amount of code is proportional to lesser time investment with optimal results. The more time it takes for development, the more expensive it becomes for the end customers.

    • Considering the ready-made code modules/packages (gems) available, Ruby on Rails development company will less time and money are spent creating and modifying Rails websites and applications. Another advantage that has made Ruby on Rails super attractive for startups is its use of Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It has a component separation scheme that speeds up the web development process and fixes any errors that occur.  

  • Data Protection

    • Rails framework and the Ruby on Rails community put in a lot of efforts for data protection and security of its customer base. It is also one of the efficient frameworks for developing database-backed applications. 

    • The developers at Ruby on Rails cover many aspects of cybersecurity, including encryptions of  passwords, credit card information, and users’ personal database. Special measures are taken to prevent the framework from SQL injections and XSS attacks. 

  • Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development

    • Ruby on Rails simplifies the daily operations and lowers the cost of enterprise app developments. The prominent features include data management, seamless updating of applications, easy and efficient code development, and high scalability, as discussed above. 

    • Ruby on Rails enterprise application development is preferred by companies and is slightly cost-intensive. It can be easily integrated with third-party apps like Oracle Business, Oracle, Windows services, and others. Ruby enterprise app development allows the developers and programmers to solve the problems at the root level, given its transparency.

Ruby on Rails V/S Django

Checkout Blog on Django vs Ruby on Rails Comparison

Bottom Line

There are several reasons to prefer Ruby on Rails discussed above and extend further to early detection of errors, reduced time to market, and easy adaptation for API developments. It makes web programming much easier and simplifies website building of any complexity. Its flexibility and acceptance among new developers and programmers make it the perfect, one-stop choice for software application development company in 2021. 


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How You Can Reduce Ruby on Rails Maintenance Cost?

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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Top 5 Ruby on Rails CMS Platforms for 2021

What is CMS - Features & Characteristics

Content Management System (CMS) is used to easily operate and manage your website’s content. It not only rectifies the format for your content but also enables effortless publishing options. For your websites in 2021, Ruby on Rails web development services have their way with excellent CMS. 

For a tailor-made website that has out-of-the-box themes and a unique User Interface, Ruby on Rails development services provide the most worthwhile CMS platforms. To better understand the current need for CMS in the market, let’s discuss some of its essential features and functions. 

  • One-to-one marketing: It is a customer-oriented strategy centered around personalized search suggestions for each unique customer. Certain Ruby on Rails companies have built CMS that include this feature.

  • Enables existing content formats to new electronic formats: CMS does the re-formatting work for you before you publish your content on your website.

  • Enables indexing: CMS helps to index your content resulting in effective keyword searches and SEO optimization.

  • Support tools: Some CMS platforms provide tools like multiple language support, file management, and/or template customization.

  • Enables prefix templates: CMS allows you to prefix templates for your content while modifying or publishing it.

How to choose the right CMS

With the plethora of Content Management Systems available in the market today, it is quite tricky to find the one most suitable for your project or website. The broad two-step advice is to go for simplicity and avoid overloading. Meaning, pick the software that caters to your specific project needs. 

Do not fall for software selling on multiple features as they might result in system overloading. With Content Management Systems, speed and time are of the essence. You don’t want to overload your system with unnecessary bulky CMS software. 

Let’s take a look at the few deciding factors to consider while choosing a CMS:

  • Simplicity

Interaction with your Content Management System needs to be smooth and efficient for all its users. Be it a developer or members of the Digital Marketing team, choose a CMS that is easy to understand and navigate for all department users. 

  • Flexibility

 Consider the flexibility of your CMS software, meaning is there a probability for expanding its features that may be needed for future projects. Instead of buying an all-feature CMS, look for a customizable CMS to fulfill present project requirements and keep future possibilities open. 

  • Purposeful

As explained above, make sure you choose an efficient CMS with the required features in it. Unnecessary loaded features affect the system load and create unnecessary detours of your content and website. 

  • User-friendly

Your CMS should be such that your developers are well-versed with it to modify it whenever needed. As discussed, the CMS should be easy to use for all its varied users at all touchpoints, your first-person for advice should be your developer before you invest in any Content Management System.

  • Performance

 The ultimate goal for any website or content is to gain audience traction. Make sure your CMS is performant enough to tackle the load of incoming traffic on your content and doesn’t cause a hindrance to the primary goal. 

5 Ruby on Rails CMS Platforms for you in 2021

Ruby on Rails development companies bring to the market, by far, the most efficient Content Management Systems. It improves both the user’s and developer’s experience of how they interact with your content or website in general. Even though there are many CMS software available in the market, the ones developed through Ruby on Rails consulting exceed all in their performance. 

If you are looking to build a custom website with unique UI and diversified themes, try and give these enlisted Ruby on Rails developed CMS platforms that we’ve collaborated for you. 


  • Refinery CMS


Refinery is one of the most famous Ruby on Rails developed CMS and has been in the market for over a decade now. It became an open-source project back in 2009, thereby attracting more developers in the market. It is considered to be the best Ruby on Rails CMS out in the market among developers and users. 

This CMS has multi-language support with about 30 languages available. Refinery is pretty basic but is also easy to extend. It can be bundled with any other Ruby application. It’s an open-source software and available for free of cost. 


  • Camaleon CMS


Another famous Ruby on Rails-based CMS that allows easy editing of your website content is Camaleon. It has several features to improve the User Interface, including image management, admin panels, blog post uploads, and a few others. It also allows effective content categorization on your website by creating and managing content groups. 

It supports multi-language, and the admin panel is available in English and Spanish. The content, however, can be published in English, German, Italian, as well as French. It is not only user-friendly but also supports SEO-optimization of website content. 


  • Comfortable Mexican Sofa CMS


This is a powerful and highly functional CMS software that is in good demand among users who prefer Ruby on Rails-based software. Its most famous features support multi-language support and prefix templates. It can also work on multiple sites simultaneously. 

It can undo the change and return to the previous version of the templates. It supports Redactor, Code mirror, and Twitter bootstrap.


  • Spina CMS


Spina CMS is easy to use. With Spina, editing content on the web should be easy and fun. Most people don’t need to know about templates or HTML. Spina Hides most of the stuff and focuses on what matters most.


  • Alchemy CMS


Alchemy works with all common databases like MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. Alchemy is highly scalable. Developers choose Alchemy because they can customize any edits with their coding skills. Alchemy offers multi-level caching with internationalization and localization.

Your website remains secure with the use of Alchemy CMS. The reason is it stands against attacks like XSS, CSRF.



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