Fullstack Flutter and MongoDB Cloud Mini-Course | FREE TO WATCH!!!

Fullstack Flutter and MongoDB Cloud Mini-Course | FREE TO WATCH!!!

Build an contacts app with Flutter, Serverside Dart and MongoDB Cloud Atlas. Fullstack Flutter and MongoDB Cloud Mini-Course. Flutter. Learn how to build an contacts app with Flutter, ... MongoDB Cloud Atlas, Serverside Dart and Flutter Mini-Course FREE TO WATCH!!!

After numerous requests to produce a Flutter and MongoDB combo, I’ve devoted the time to produce a fullstack Flutter and MongoDb Cloud mini-course. We will build a contacts list application that manages contacts in MongoDB Cloud Atlas database. We will also implement a Dart backend server for talking to MongoDB datastore. This app will be built for both Flutter mobile and web platforms. Getting started You will need a MongoDB Cloud Account to create a Project and Cluster. This will give us an environment with MongoDB installed and a user to connect to that MongoDB instance. The contents of the mini-course are as follows: 00:07 App Demo 02:08 Setup MongoDB Cloud Atlas Project and Cluster 03:18 Connect to MongoDB Cluster via Terminal 04:32 Examine codebase and dependencies 05:13 Connect to MongoDB from codebase 06:14 Create server and initial route 07:30 Add POST and DELETE endpoints 09:59 Implement initial contacts screen 11:44 Implements “No contacts” view 13:41 Implement contact addition functionality 14:59 Style ListTile widget 16:22 Refactor NoContacts widget 17:01 Create ContactListing widget 18:20 Using the Faker package 18:53 Adding contact deletion functionality 20:07 Implements ContactsApi class 23:26 Create Contact PODO 28:21 Implement contact creation method on api class 29:51 Running app on Flutter Web Clone and check out the starter branch on the Github repo. This will provide the correct setup to follow along in the Fullstack Flutter and MongoDB Cloud mini-course.

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