Completion Rate for MOOC Data Science Specializations is Very Low

Completion Rate for MOOC Data Science Specializations is Very Low

The completion rate for MOOC data science specializations is less than 15%. We will examine the completion rate for courses in two popular MOOC data science specializations.

I. Introduction

Data Science, Machine Learning, and Analytics are considered to be among the hottest career paths. The demand for skilled data science practitioners in industry, academia, and the government is rapidly growing. The ongoing “_data rush_” is, therefore, attracting so many professionals with diverse backgrounds such as physics, mathematics, statistics, economics, and engineering. The job outlook for data scientists is very positive. IBM predicts the demand for data scientists to soar 28% by 2020.

The rising demand for data science practitioners has given rise to a proliferation of massive open online courses (MOOC). The most popular providers of MOOC include the following:

a) edx

b) Coursera

c) DataCamp

d) Udemy

e) Udacity

f) Lynda

Since MOOCs are becoming more and more popular, the natural question every data science aspirant should ask themselves is this: What is the completion rate for data science MOOC specialization?

To answer this question, let us examine two important case studies on two top data science specializations.

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