How to Build Apollo GraphQL Server From Scratch

GraphQL is a query language and a server-side runtime that is used to request data from the server. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the term “query language” is SQL. Just as SQL is used for querying databases, GraphQL is a bit like SQL but for querying web APIs as it eliminates the need to repeatedly develop or change existing end-points. GraphQL also enables the client/front-end to retrieve exactly the data they have requested and no more. This means that, within a single request of GraphQL, you can traverse from the entry point to the related data (whereas in RESTful API you have to call multiple endpoints to fetch similar results). Build Nodejs and GraphQL server from scratch using Apollo. How to Build Apollo GraphQL Server From Scratch

Full-Stack GraphQL With Apollo & NextJS — Part 3: Server-Side

This is the third and final part of my series which explores implementing GraphQL using Apollo and NextJS.Part 1 dealt with the app setup, and Part 2 dealt with the Client-Side in depth. I would highly recommend reading them first before getting into this article, unless you are already comfortable with Client-Side GraphQL using Apollo.

Hello World for Apollo GraphQL

raphQL is an API service interface that’s getting more and more popular. The official GraphQL page provides an excellent tutorial, starting with a very simple Hello World Example. Hence I’m blogging here to provide the simple Hello World Example on Apollo, to gap the basics of GraphQL and Apollo.

Why we chose Apollo for our GraphQL stack.

Our reasons for considering the Apollo platform as our primary graphQL client, and the many advantages it provides.

Need Help in apollo-graphql

hi sir, I am Abhijeet from India. I just started working on graphql.I am trying to set reminder in apollo-graphql and I have no idea how it works in apollo. I am doing only backend graphql (nodejs) . help me for set a reminder in backend using apollo-graphql. This is urgent for me to create my new project.