Most efficient way to solve an adjacent element problem in vanilla js + html?

Most efficient way to solve an adjacent element problem in vanilla js + html?

This is the problem:

This is the problem:

Create a 10x10 grid using html, vanilla javascript, and css.

When a square on that grid is clicked, change the background color of the adjacent squares (the one on top, to the left, etc) to yellow.

I was able to solve this problem, but I don't think it's efficient - My html is only one line:

<table id="grid"></table>

And I used javascript to manually populate the table with a bunch of cells/squares. I gave each cell an two attributes data-row and data-col to store where the cell is located. Then on click I'm doing something like this:

  var row = this.getAttribute('data-row');
  var col = this.getAttribute('data-col');


//if not on the top most row, retrieve square above if(row>0){ let sel = "td[data-row='"+(row-1)+"'][data-col='"+col+"']"; let elem = document.querySelector(sel); elem.classList.toggle('yellow'); }


//3 more if blocks like the one above to find the bottom, left and right squares

Is there a more efficient or concise way of doing this? Thank you for your responses in advance! It's appreciated :)

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