find image orientation in jquery?

find image orientation in jquery?

I'm currently using

I'm currently using

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

jQuery("img").each(function() {

    // Calculate aspect ratio and store it in HTML data- attribute
    var aspectRatio = jQuery(this).width()/jQuery(this).height();
    jQuery(this).data("aspect-ratio", aspectRatio);
           // Conditional statement

    if(aspectRatio > 1) {
        // Image is landscape

        jQuery( this ).addClass( "landscape" );

    } else if (aspectRatio < 1) {
        // Image is portrait
        jQuery( this ).addClass( "portrait" );;
    } else {
        // Image is square
        jQuery( this ).addClass( "square" );;            


but it's just returning landscape every time.

All I want to do is have a class for portrait images so I can use CSS to make them 50% width and side-by-side, whilst the landscape images are 100% width.

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