What is the value of GeekCash? – Kao1 Candy – Medium

What is the value of GeekCash? – Kao1 Candy – Medium

Let’s get back to the approx 10 years ago, when Bitcoin (BTC) was born by one or a team of computer programmers, the name is Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has experienced several many times price increases and decreases, but so far no one can deny the value of bitcoin compared to other Fiat currencies.

Let’s get back to the approx 10 years ago, when Bitcoin (BTC) was born by one or a team of computer programmers, the name is Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has experienced several many times price increases and decreases, but so far no one can deny the value of bitcoin compared to other Fiat currencies.

Limited amount of about 21 million dongs will be exploited, not managed by any government or nation, with transaction fees low, very fast transaction, bitcoin is becoming increasingly scarce. Levels of interest and Want to own the bitcoin of people in the world increasing. Financial analysts say bitcoin will play a role in the global financial markets in the future.

Back to the main topic in this article, I will go look for the value ofGeekCash (GEEK)

I know about the GeekCash (GEEK) from forum on coin mining. My first impression of this coin project is that they don’t advertise vigorously, not ICO, not white papers. That was the first point that made me curious, research and exploit this coin to the now

Another point is that the market approach of GeekCash is different from other coins, the direction I feel is very true and durable.

Also, I noticed that the development team of GeekCash has a very good understanding of programming and blockchain from the results on Github, working and communication method has a very interesting it was “Say less, do more”. I’ve enjoyed this style of theirs :)

In this article, I’m not referring to GeekCash’s technology, because I encourage you to explore and will see the GeekCash’s blockchain technology is very modern. From site interface with features such as explorer, high security, pool, fast transfer money, web wallet, windows wallet, masternode pay…

GeekCash’s ecosystem includes 6-project, the ultimate goal is use GEEK is payment medium in the ecosystem. The user object is programmers, content maker, sharing of passion, affiliate marketing, advertisement, MMO… uses the Internet and blockchain to sell or share their works.

They introduced the first project in the ecosystem, the “Viralroll,” which is a good way to advertise and make money on the internet. The first launch of GeekCash, quite impressive.

I believe Social Networking will be a central project in the ecosystem; satellite projects may be Viralroll, email marketing, payment gateways… Developers want to turn GEEK into a coin that is used to circulate in a closed loop that Geek’s blockchain ecosystem generates.

Imagine that you can share, make money simply on the social network of GeekCash brings, Facebook, twitter, Medium… must be careful :))))))

If you are a programmer then you probably already know Github, which is a very good environment for programmers around the world to share your ideas and projects. According to Github’s data, there are now about 27 million projects working in this environment and many people involved in MMO, affiliate marketing… let’s imagine how many people know about GeekCash and its application, at that time Geek’s value be…?

End of the year 2018, the electronic money market is undergoing a period of price strong discounts, over 80% since the price was set at the beginning of 2018. This signal shows a pessimism of many investors, especially, are small investors, has greatly affected by the collapse of a series of ICO projects launched in 2017.

They have blown the value of coins when there is no real application, no ecosystem. These projects give you beautiful white papers and a clear road map on the home page, they advertise, attract your vision by promising to increase prices in the near future, you will fall into one millionaire dream, they finally pushed you down and have a big block of property from your pocket money

Geek is one of the most bizarre projects I’ve heard of in the thousands of electronic coins projects, you’ve never found white paper or specific roadmap on the GeekCash home page. They do not promise to make you rich instantly, they do not paint beautiful pictures on white paper, they do not invite you to ICO, they do not sell the pre sale to you. They just work and work hard, they want the best for you, I can feel it

Crypto market in its infancy, so price adjustments are certain to happen. But smart investors know that is a good time to invest Bitcoin or Crypto, because these positive signals about the potential market are very good thanks to blockchain ecosystem. I have great faith that GeekCash will do that through what they did and in the future when the ecosystem is stable. 2019 promises the explosion of GEEK.

Choosing an investment is a difficult decision. “If you are a speculator, consider the price of the product, if you are a smart investor, then look at the value of it.”

The first problem is that you need to earn GeekCash. All you have to do is download the GeekCash software and start mining on your PC or buy GEEK on Aiodex exchange

I feel very happy to share this with you. Thank you and good luck :)




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