Dictionaries inside Lists - Django

Dictionaries inside Lists - Django

I am using session in my Django Application.

I am using session in my Django Application.

request.session['permissions'] is structured in the following manner. The key is same for every values. Basically it is a list of dictionaries

[{'mykey': 'value1'}, {'mykey': 'value2'}, {'mykey': 'value3'}, {'mykey': 'value4'}, {'mykey': 'value5'}, {'mykey': 'value6'}]
permissions = request.session['permissions']

Now i want to check if value4 is present inside permissions. I am not getting how to check the value.

Whenever i am trying to access value like this


It is giving me error

'list' object has no attribute 'mykey'

I want to do similar like this

permissions = request.session['permissions']
if value not in permissions:
   print('Value is inside list')

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