Why i won't use React Hooks

Why i won't use React Hooks

I'm passionate about ReactJS, because of its declarative programming model.

I'm passionate about ReactJS, because of its declarative programming model.

That means, in React,

view = function(state)

That's why i never mess React Component with side-effects, like ajax request or state.

With separate function for behaviour, you can easily reuse, unit test, and package it.

With React Hooks, what i have to do is to mess side-effects within the component.

It's not good to me.

It's not simple to debug.

It's not simple to reuse the behaviour.

It's not easy to unit test the behaviour.

That's why i would say NO to React hooks, because i prefer simplicity to magic.

I'm a simple developer, not a magician trying to understand wtf is going on with my production code.

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