What are the recommended WebDriver packages for Selenium

What are the recommended WebDriver packages for Selenium

As of today (20th Jan 2019) there are 9 Nuget packages that match the broad description of "WebDriver for Chrome":

As of today (20th Jan 2019) there are 9 Nuget packages that match the broad description of "WebDriver for Chrome":

  • Selenium.Chrome.WebDriver (955K downloads)
  • Selenium.WebDriver.ChromeDriver (4030K downloads)
  • WebDriver.ChromeDriver.win32 (289K downloads)
  • Chromium.ChromeDriver (161M downloads)
  • AlexP.Selenium.Chrome.WebDriver (1K downloads)
  • WebDriverChromeDriver (95K downloads)
  • WebDriver.ChromeDriver (100K downloads)
  • WebDriver.ChromeDriver.win32-2.36 (<1K downloads)
  • AsyncChromeDriver.SeleniumAdapter (1K downloads)
  • AsyncChromeDriver (8K downloads)

I suspect there will be slightly fewer such packages for other browsers (FFX, Safari, IE, etc.) But I'd still be unsurprised to see that there were multiple drivers.

How do I workout which one I should be using?

  • None of them appear to be published by SeleniumHQ.
  • Selenium.WebDriver.ChromeDriver has the most downloads.
  • Chromium.ChromeDriver appears to be published by the Chrome team.
  • Selenium.Chrome.WebDriver is the most recently updated.

How do I go about chosing which one to use?

Is there an "official" Chrome Selenium plugin? (and given that the main Selenium Nuget package includes a Chrome namespace, why do I need a separate driver anyway?)

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