Turn the table columns as rows

Turn the table columns as rows

I have the table with the following structure. I need to turn columns as rows

I have the table with the following structure. I need to turn columns as rows

ID  NAME      2011   2012
1   macbook   2      241
2   macbook   77     214
3   macbook   0      400
4   iphone    442    555
with tbl as (
 select  1 as id, 'macbook' as name, 2 as "2011", 241 as "2012" from dual union
 select  2 as id, 'macbook' as name, 77 as "2011", 214 as "2012" from dual union
 select  3 as id, 'macbook' as name, 0 as "2011", 400 as "2012" from dual union
 select  4 as id, 'iphone' as name, 442 as "2011", 555 as "2012" from dual
select * from tbl

I use Oracle database, I tried to solve the issue by using unpivot function but I stacked on this

I expect to get the result like this

1   macbook 2011    2
1   macbook 2012    241
2   macbook 2011    77
2   macbook 2012    214
3   macbook 2011    0
3   macbook 2012    400
4   iphone  2011    442
4   iphone  2012    555

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