How to connect to remote repo?

How to connect to remote repo?

I'm using libgit2sharp and i'm having rouble connecting to my remote repo.

I'm using libgit2sharp and i'm having rouble connecting to my remote repo.

I can connect to a local repo but when i try to use my repo i get an error

LibGit2Sharp.LibGit2SharpException: failed to make directory './https:': The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Presumably this is because i'm not using the correct syntax. I've tried without https://, with www. i've tried just myProject/myRepo but they don't seem to work.

Here is the code in question. PathToRepo is the repo path and whenever i check the branches of my repo after it is created i ee that it is not connecting to the remote repo. The repo seems to create with no issues but it just doesn't sync to my repo. Ie. i could put in some bogus repo path and it will create with no problem but just not work.

 if (!Repository.IsValid(PathToRepo))

        repo = new Repository((PathToRepo));
        var brnch = repo.Branches.Where(x => x.FriendlyName == Branch).FirstOrDefault();
        if (brnch == null)
            brnch = repo.CreateBranch(Branch);
        Commands.Checkout(repo, brnch);

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