GeekCash is a Rubbish coin or it is a Future coin? – Chris Anthony – Medium

I have seen thousands of projects come into being but after sometime they all disappeared. I have been participating in many ICO projects and they appeared tens of millions dolas. But when and how their products come out? When I lost my faith in this market. How am I hopeless, I got to know&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">GeekCash</a>&nbsp;with heartlessly. Their domain and logo that make my impressive. Therefore, I decided to take more time find out their project. This is a digital currency which developed base on Dash. However, they have improvement by themselves such as Geek algo, GUI Wallet beautiful, transfers is so quick there thing I found out from my experiences. The&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">explorer</a>&nbsp;also make by themselves very nice. Besides they have background which develop web-wallet also by themselves, there thing do not like from other background. This shows that they have a Team with good technical. They are making their products very simple and dedication.