Git It? How to use Git and Github

Learn how to use Git and Github 🐙🐱 Contributing to open-source is satisfying on many levels. Not only does it validate your skills for recruiters, but it leads to higher quality software that empowers developers to build better products. But submitting your first pull request on GitHub can be intimidating. The goal of this guide is to give you a clear set of steps for contributing any OS project

Git Tutorial For Beginners - Git Full Course

In this Git tutorial for beginners will help you learn about the most popular source code management tool used in DevOps. First, you will understand what DevOps is with the help of a short animated video. Then, you will see an introduction to DevOps. You will understand how to install Git on windows, followed by Git Tutorial, along with the hands-on demo. You will get an idea about the various Git commands used for the project files. Finally, you will get learn some of the most important Git interview questions that you might face in any DevOps interview

An Introduction to Git Merge and Git Rebase: What They Do and When to Use Them

As a Developer, many of us have to choose between Merge and Rebase. With all the references we get from the internet, everyone believes “Don’t use Rebase, it could cause serious problems.” Here I will explain what merge and rebase are, why you should (and shouldn’t) use them, and how to do so.