How To Build A Coding Monastery

How To Build A Coding Monastery

Now hear me out, this is a solid plan. Basically you can build a monastery next to a relic and not have to wait/spend to get a monk out. You could build 1 monastery per relic, but then you monasteries ...

Right now I’m trying to relax while my upstairs neighbor insists on banging against the walls — so I feel like it is completely natural that my thoughts went from sudden, unprecedented violence right over to pooling resources, buying either an island or a monastery and building a coder’s and writer’s retreat.

Now I don’t know why I feel like I have to say this, but hear me out. This is a good idea, let me lay my plan out for you.

It all makes a lot of sense

I mean we are already code monkeys, so why can’t we be code monks? Just think about that for a second there, it’s already in the name. It’s our identity, we should stop denying and start accepting who we are.

And think about it: What’s standing in your way the most? Is it neighbors, is it your boss telling you how he would do your job when he obviously can’t even do his?

Well, at my coding retreat we have a strict rule that the neighbors can only visit on Tuesday during the lunch hours and only if they bring their own food. Also an even stricter no-bullshit-rules-rule that we will enforce if necessary.

Location, location, location

Now we could start small with a cute island in the Scandinavias, but I feel that running Google fibre cables out there could make this a little more expensive than the listed 94,000€. I suggest we name it the Isle of Main() and host some high-stakes speed coding challenges a couple times a year.

Luckily we have choices aplenty, I am sure we could negotiate the current 1.2m for this French castle down to a more reasonable flat million, times being what they are right now. We can go all French and fancy here and call it Chatêau Lè Códê. If Captain Sparrow can buy a whole village in France we can buy a castle, right? We won’t go broke though.

The middle ground of another Scandi-Island with a couple cute cabins for half a mil seems the most solid choice here, especially because the multiple houses mean we can finance the whole idea with scandi-noir movies where one of us plays the disgruntled detective and the others try their best to look suspicious because it’s finally some entertainment and being innocent is boring.

You can tell that I have planned this out start to finish.

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