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How to renew ISO certificate?

To maintain the standard performance, each ISO certified organization should undergo re-certification process. This helps the organization to make sure the continual improvement of its management system.
Don’t burden yourself! The re-certification audit may be a simple process and it just needs your effort. during this article, we allow you to know the method to renew the ISO certificate.
Does ISO certificate got to be renewed?
The answer is, yes. The ISO certificate should be renewed once the validity of the initial certification is over. It helps you maintain the standard of products, processes, systems and services.
what's certification audit?
Before stepping into the subject of the re-certification audit, let’s realize ISO certification audit.
• A certification audit may be a conformity assessment of verifying a corporation whether it met the wants of desired ISO criteria. Basically, the certification audit includes 2 stages.
• In stage 1 audit, the auditors accompany an idea to conduct an audit supported a scope submitted by your organization. The auditing process includes the verification of documents, records, files, etc. If there's any non-conformity, the auditing team will provide a deviation report with the audit report. The organization should address the non-conformity before the stage 2 audit.
• After completing the stage 1 audit, the auditors will schedule a date for the stage 2 audit. It assesses the effective implementation of your management system in compliance with the ISO standard. If the non-conformities are implemented, the certification body will release the ISO certificate.
Certification validity:
The initial certification provided by the certification body is valid for 3 years. This ISO certification enhances your customer confidence in your products, processes and services. It increases your organization’s credibility and helps achieve new business opportunities.
What are surveillance audits?
The validity of the initial certification is 3 years. During this era , the certification body will perform the surveillance audit at the interval of 12 months. This audit doesn't include stage 1 and stage 2. Also, it helps the organizations to take care of the performance of the management system and therefore the quality of products and services.
When re-certification is performed?
Re-certification is initiated by the certification body once the three-year validity of the initial certification is over. The processes of re-certification are almost like the initial certification processes.
Process to renew the certificate
By evaluating the organization’s processes every 3 years supports you to supply quality services that consistently meet customer expectations. It enhances the competency of your organization and helps standalone from the competitors. It ensures your organization is within the right path of meeting the specified goals and objectives.
• Re-certification audit plan
Before the initial certification’s expiration date is over, the organization must apply for re-certification. It gives time and helps you're taking the required actions for the re-certification audit.
Sometimes, the certification body itself will send a notice to the certified organization for the renewal of the initial certification. This advance notice supports the organization to be updated with the certification process. Make a note of previous reports and records to scale back the non-conformities within the re-certification audit.
• Implementation and preparation
Ensure the operational processes, products and services are continuing in compliance with the rules of certified ISO criteria.
• Assessment of previous records
In the re-certification audit, the auditors also will review the past records and documents associated with internal audits, corrections, corrective actions, preventive actions, etc.
• Reassessment process
The certification body will send an audit team to perform a re-certification audit. they're going to evaluate, review, and submit the audit report. If there's any area which needs further improvement, the auditors will provide non-conformities and guide you with the effective implementation process.
Make sure your organization is following the simplest practices and is up-to-date with the newest technologies by renewing your certificate every 3 years.

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5 Steps to Passing the TensorFlow Developer Certificate

Deep Learning is one of the most in demand skills on the market and TensorFlow is the most popular DL Framework. One of the best ways in my opinion to show that you are comfortable with DL fundaments is taking this TensorFlow Developer Certificate. I completed mine last week and now I am giving tips to those who want to validate your DL skills and I hope you love Memes!

  1. Do the DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate Course on Coursera Laurence Moroney and by Andrew Ng.

2. Do the course questions in parallel in PyCharm.

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7 Ways PMP Certifications Will Change The Way You Think About Project Management

In this era of technological advancement and an increase in technical projects, a project manager is assigned to every development team. Big corporations no longer have exclusive rights to project management. Even small companies require an individual to oversee all operations. A project manager makes it possible for multiple departments to work together, execute projects in the correct order, and complete procedures to implement the product marketing plan.

The most successful way of producing goods under cost, time, and resource constraints is by adopting project management practices. Project managers with demonstrated project management expertise and proficiency in any method of working are hired by businesses. Industry experts created the PMP certification for professionals trying to pursue this career choice, and it surely certifies that an individual is skilled for the job.

What is PMP certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is a nationally recognized project management professional certification awarded by the Project Management Institute that verifies a project manager’s education and experience. The PMP® certification includes predictive, agile, and blended approaches, demonstrating project planning skills and knowledge in every mode of operation. It lets companies identify individuals they need to work smarter and deliver well, and it boosts team leaders’ careers across sectors. As a result, project managers with relevant experience are in high demand. It boosts efficiency across businesses and enables businesses to work smarter and achieve greater results.

7 Reasons Why a PMP Certification is Worth It

1. Higher salary

When you move into project management, you will notice that employers are willing to pay more to those eager to take responsibility for outcomes. You can gain experience to help teams perform effectively. PMP certification holders see a drastic and steep increase in pay. PMP accredited practitioners benefit 20% more than their non-certified peers. The average annual salary for PMP accredited practitioners is $110,000.

2. Enhances your resume

Jobs in project management are in high demand. Several organizations are making PMP certification mandatory for project management positions. A PMP certification takes you miles ahead of your peers in terms of career advancement. A certified manager can also do far more in strenuous situations and handle clients and stakeholders better than a non-certified manager.

3. Recognition along with skills

The PMP certification needs strenuous study hours to pass the exam and get certified. Passing the exam without extensive training and the relevant roadmap is difficult. It, therefore, necessitates that you master the practical aspect and domain knowledge of project management rules and ethics.

Obtaining the PMP certificate necessitates the acquisition of several complex and soft skills. PMP improves the understanding of basic project management systems, strategies, procedures, and methodologies. It also introduces you to project management, best practices, and emerging trends. Your PMP credential establishes your status as a global project management leader. It allows you to connect with a thriving global ecosystem of 800k+ active certification holders, including project management practitioners, associated organizations, and experts.

4. Demonstrate superior project performance

A PMP-certified project manager is more likely to effectively manage and perform project activities than a non-certified project manager. From the beginning to the end of a project, the individuals trying to get certified are evaluated on all five project management systems, i.e., processes, phases, roles, tools, methodologies. Not just that, but a specialist must be thoroughly familiar with the nine fields of project management, which encompass all of the expertise needed to handle projects, from project scope management to project acquisition management.

A licensed PMP specialist must earn at least 60 professional development units or PDUs, demonstrating a high degree of knowledge of project management skills and how they are used in the workplace.

5. Recession-proof your career

According to leading foreign reports, PMP professionals’ value will be maintained even through a contraction, thanks to their solid and highly transferable core competencies. A PMP certification symbolizes your desire to further your technical skills, qualifications, and expertise. Non-certified project managers are more likely to be in the firing line than their certified counterparts during an economic downturn or a time of sluggish growth or recession.

6. Enhances teamwork and human coordination

Working in a team is one of the most critical aspects determining a project’s success or failure. As a certified project manager, you will have the best communication and people management skills. You will have a professional risk assessment experience as a PMP® accredited project manager who can assist the team in detecting and evaluating future risks, managing challenges, and capitalizing on opportunities. You can improve and defend the organization’s specifications with this expertise.

7. Assists you in mastering critical skills

Obtaining the PMP certificate would require the acquisition of some hard and soft skills. It also introduces you to project management best practices and emerging trends. Project Managers can use the learnings through the certification to evaluate and perfect the performance of their teams in any scenario. In project management operations, you can also learn new tricks and strategies. As a result, project management performance hinges on ongoing learning.

As a project manager, you gain in-depth experience that can be shared with the organization and the people to ensure long-term sustainability. With more hands on deck, you can broaden your experience, as different assignments necessitate different techniques, technologies, and abilities. Furthermore, when you become a PMP® accredited practitioner, you automatically become a PMI member, expanding your access to professional learning resources.

Make the Most of PMP

If you found these top 7 reasons to get PMP certified relevant, check out the PMP Certification exam training by NetCom Learning. As an Accredited Teaching Partner (ATP) for PMI, NetCom Learning assists PMI practitioners and partners in obtaining PMP certification by providing authorized content and education for Project Management Professional (PMP) standardized test prep. PMI accredited teachers lead the training sessions and are available as scheduled courses and individually to your team.


PMP is a valuable credential that enhances your resume’s worth. It also assists you in developing the necessary skills to succeed in your chosen field. Take a glance at NetCom Learning today since you’re seeking a smarter method to handle your project teams. Award-winning project management certification includes a comprehensive set of tools, including Gantt charts and analytics, to help you finish assignments on time and under budget.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Training

The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is a certification which empowers the students to get Product Owner positions effectively by giving training to them on all aspects of the on-time conveyance necessities of a product, in driving Scrum groups, on successfully imparting the highlights of the product with the group and the partners, and on amplifying the profit from venture. The CSPO certification is perceived by businesses and associations around the globe and is an amazingly significant accreditation for students looking to seek after a vocation as a Product Owner in a Scrum group of an association.
CSPO certification training will assist you with figuring out how to improve product esteem by speeding the conveyance of product highlights, lead scrum groups, adequately impart what you need your product to do, and amplify project ROI. It is the ideal course bundle for each hopeful expert who needs to seek after a profession in project management.

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Advantage of C Language Certification Online Training in 2020

C language is a procedural programming language. C language is the general purpose and object oriented programming language. C language is mainly used for developing different types of operating systems and other programming languages. C language is basically run in hardware and operating systems. C language is used many software applications such as internet browser, MYSQL and Microsoft Office.
Advantage of doing C Language Training in 2020 are:**

  1. Popular Programming language: The main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is popular programming language. C programming language is used and applied worldwide. C language is adaptable and flexible in nature. C language is important for different programmers. The basic languages that are used in C language is Java, C++, PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Rust and C- shell.

  2. Basic language of all advanced languages: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is basic language of all advanced languages. C language is an object oriented language. For learning, other languages, you have to master in C language.

  3. Understand the computer theories: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is understand the computer theories. The theories such as Computer Networks, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems are based on C programming language.

  4. Fast in execution time: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is fast in execution time. C language is to requires small run time and fast in execution time. The programs are written in C language are faster than the other programming language.

  5. Used by long term: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is used by long term. The C language is not learning in the short span of time. It takes time and energy for becoming career in C language. C language is the only language that used by decades of time. C language is that exists for the longest period of time in computer programming history.

  6. Rich Function Library: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is rich function library. C language has rich function of libraries as compared to other programming languages. The libraries help to build the analytical skills.

  7. Great degree of portability: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is great degree of portability. C is a portable assemble language. It has a great degree of portability as compilers and interpreters of other programming languages are implemented in C language.
    The demand of C language is high in IT sector and increasing rapidly.

C Language Online Training is for individuals and professionals.
C Language Online Training helps to develop an application, build operating systems, games and applications, work on the accessibility of files and memory and many more.

C Language Online Course is providing the depth knowledge of functional and logical part, develop an application, work on memory management, understanding of line arguments, compiling, running and debugging of C programs.

Is C Language Training Worth Learning for You! and is providing the basic understanding of create C applications, apply the real time programming, write high quality code, computer programming, C functions, variables, datatypes, operators, loops, statements, groups, arrays, strings, etc.

The companies which are using C language are Amazon, Martin, Apple, Samsung, Google, Oracle, Nokia, IBM, Intel, Novell, Microsoft, Facebook, Bloomberg, VM Ware, etc.
C language is used in different domains like banking, IT, Insurance, Education, Gaming, Networking, Firmware, Telecommunication, Graphics, Management, Embedded, Application Development, Driver level Development, Banking, etc.

The job opportunities after completing the C Language Online certificationAre Data Scientists, Back End Developer, Embedded Developer, C Analyst, Software Developer, Junior Programmer, Database Developer, Embedded Engineer, Programming Architect, Game Programmer, Quality Analyst, Senior Programmer, Full Stack Developer, DevOps Specialist, Front End Web Developer, App Developer, Java Software Engineer, Software Developer and many more.

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Why Do You Need to Get Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification?

AI has been a revolutionary technology in the Tech world. The demand for artificial intelligence-related professions is increasing at an incredibly rapid rate. Similarly, the demand for an Azure AI Engineer is on buzz and at an all-time high. Many other AI-concerned accreditations could also be good alternatives for IT professionals. But, MS Azure assures a rapidly growing Artificial Intelligence landscape with innovative service offerings and advanced technologies. Hence, the demand for Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification has increased to a large extent over the past few decades.

The future platform of the IT accreditation, AZURE AI mainly assists you to scrutinize AI services which count bots, agents, language, vision, speech, by adopting knowledge mining, cognitive services, and machine learning. AI solutions are required to satisfy scalability and performance to meet end-to-end solutions, for that we need to have advanced technologies and tools for analyzing and recording timely operation.

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