Top 10 Deep Learning Sessions To Look Forward To At DVDC 2020

Looking to attend an AI event or two this year? Below ... Here are the top 22 machine learning conferences in 2020: ... Start Date: June 10th, 2020 ... Join more than 400 other data-heads in 2020 and propel your career forward. ... They feature 30+ data science sessions crafted to bring specialists in different ...

Emojify - Create your own emoji with Deep Learning

Emojify - Create your own emoji with Deep Learning. We will classify human facial expressions to filter and map corresponding emojis or avatars.

Deep Learning with Python | Deep Learning Tutorial

This video on "Python for Deep Learning" will provide you with detailed and comprehensive knowledge of Deep Learning, How it came into emergence. The various subparts of Data Science, how they are related, and How Deep Learning is revolutionalizing the world we live in.

Learn Transfer Learning for Deep Learning by implementing the project.

Project walk-through on Convolution neural networks using transfer learning. From 2 years of my master’s degree, I found that the best way to learn concepts is by doing the projects.

Deep Learning With Python | Deep Learning Tutorial For Beginners

Deep Learning with Python tutorial will help you understand what is deep learning, applications of deep learning, what is a neural network, biological versus artificial neural networks, activation functions, cost function, how neural networks work, and what gradient descent is. Finally, we'll code a neural network in Python using TensorFlow.