Android App Development Trends Ruling in 2021

Android App Development Trends Ruling in 2021

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Innovation is constantly increasing in the mobile app development space. Android is the most famous operating system globally, and in terms of market share, it is way above iOS. Android has almost a 73% market share, and not only that, but the revenue-generating from Android apps sums up to a whopping $31 billion. Almost every Android app development company is on the lookout for a trend that will increase sales. Here are some of the top Android app development trends currently ruling and are most likely to dominate the remaining year 2021.

ML and AI:-

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) were the concepts that were rarely even mentioned back in the day. They have gone from being that to be a regular part of our lives. According to a study by a company, Artificial Intelligence can boost productivity by 40%.

Thus, all mobile app developers should consider using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance user experience. Machine Learning helps provide real-time analytics and valued information-processing potential. These two are also the building blocks of many new apps. All in all, AI and ML are achieving incredible feats in all sectors, especially in mobile app development.


These were famous in 2020, and they are still going strong in 2021. According to a study, around half of B2B consumers choose self-service over talking to a human if they encounter a website problem. The USA and India are the top 2 countries with the highest chatbot usage.

In 2021, chatbots won't be about an automated message that informs a customer about their waiting number in the line. Experts estimate that banks can automate around 90% of the customer interaction with chatbots. Not only that, but they predict that it can be possible by the end of the following year. It is why app development companies should take advantage of chatbots.

Wearable Apps:-

Wearable technology is expanding, and it will witness major growth in the coming years. By 2017, there were around 453 million devices. That number is supposed to reach a staggering 929 million by the end of this year. Till 2020, wearable devices were just extensions to our smartphones. But, it is most likely to change.

Apple announced in 2019 that its Apple Watch wouldn't need an iOS app. Instead, it will have an App Store for itself. It is an indication that developers should seize the opportunity that lies in the wearable apps segment and aim to offer a seamless experience.

Google is also coming up with its Wear OS, by Google Smartwatch. As of now, it will require a mobile companion app. Considering that Apple is raising the bar, we expect Google to take a step in that direction and come up with similar ideas.

Internet of Things (IoT):-

IoT has also become a major part of our lives. From refrigerators to remote apps to home security systems, IoT has made its way into our lives. There is an increase in the requirement for IoT gadgets. Considering that, the need for IoT apps will also increase.

5G Tech:-

5G devices are increasing, and they are most likely to become common by the end of 2021. App development is one sector that will primarily benefit from it because of the speed of 5G. Because it is so fast, it is highly desirable for smartphone users. Similarly, app developers will be able to develop better and more efficient apps with it. 5G can reach speeds up to 100gbps.

Mobile E-Commerce:-

Mobile E-Commerce market share is about to reach 73% of the entire E-Commerce market by the end of 2021. It started with a gradual incline, but it is now about to dominate the market. It is something that mobile developers should consider and not let it go.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled M-Commerce's growth even more. Because instead of stepping out, many people are resorting to ordering what they need from the Internet. Additionally, features like voice recognition, payment methods, and personalization engross the users more than earlier.

App Security:-

With all these trends on the rise, even cybercrime is witnessing an increase. It affects the common person and even a tech giant. According to a study in 2018, there were more than 3.2 million fraudulent and malicious apps in the market. Also, less than half of the users have protection for their phones, making things worse.

More and more companies are developing apps, and thus, app security is a primary concern for developers. If we consider these factors, there is no doubt that the demand for security solutions for apps will drastically increase in 2021 and the coming years.

Beacon Tech:-

2021 can be the changing year for beacon tech for offering a highly personalized experience to customers. Businesses are seeing a lot of growth because they use beacon notifications to connect better with their customers.

Developers can use the tech for mobile payments and many other purposes. The tourism industry is another industry that has seen a lot of development because of ibeacon technology. They can use the beacon technology to personalize virtual tours better and make them more secure. All in all, it can become a major trend for mobile app development in 2021.

Apps for Foldable Phones:-

Samsung has launched its foldable phones in the market, and it won't be long till other Android phone companies also release foldable phones. Considering these things, developing apps for foldable phones is a very wise thing to do. It is because foldable phones are a very new concept.

Companies like Huawei and Razor are already planning to launch phones with the same tech. It will eventually make room for app development. Foldable phones have larger screens than regular ones. Thus, these phones offer a much more immersive experience.

Final Words:-

These were the top Android app development trends that are most likely to rule in the current and future time frame. It is beneficial for every company to look out for these trends because if they work for one and develop an app accordingly, it will prove to be a game-changer for them.

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