Top 10 best Tools for Monitoring Microservices

Top 10 best Tools for Monitoring Microservices

Top 10 best Tools for Monitoring Microservices. Monitoring is one of the trickiest parts of using microservices architectures. But moving to microservices software can break the monitoring strategy as traditional methods tools cannot connect most popular and dependencies across the distributed architecture.

Monitoring systems become a critical thing for having a robust system running in production. But moving to microservices can break the monitoring strategy as traditional methods alone cannot connect performance and dependencies across the distributed architecture. It also leads to an increase in your mean time to resolution (MTTR).

It is essential to  monitor microservices as the increased complexity of software can make it difficult to understand the performance and troubleshooting problems. A robust monitoring system will allow you to gather metrics from infrastructure and services while using those metrics to gather insights from the operation of the system.

With system monitoring, you are not only obliged to react to unconventional issues but it also helps in predicting system behaviour. The monitoring stack is developed out of three major components: metrics, logs, and traces where each of them feeds collected data from several services into its dashboard.

While collecting metrics from the systems you must focus on the latency, traffic, errors, and saturation of the services that will help in determining when there is a need for alerts in the system.

Moreover, to achieve observability data needs to be collected from multiple sources, i.e., from both infrastructure and running services. There must be a consistent data format to store and process the collected data which can also make logs searchable. And to understand the system behaviour, logs must include information like timestamps, identifiers, source, and level/category. They should be human-readable as well as parseable by a machine.

Every service should have an ID field that enables you to follow the execution path of a system request. It will allow logs to be grouped in the same context. Besides, you can set up distributed tracing to better reconstruct the requested journey through visualization of execution flow within the system. It will also offer insights on the duration of operations and how services relate to each other while performing the given task.

Principles to Monitor Microservices

Given the dramatic changes in software delivery, monitoring requires an overhaul to perform accurately in the  microservice environment. But, what is the principle behind which microservice monitoring actually works?

Monitoring microservices have five principles, including:

1. Monitoring containers and what’s inside 2. Regular alert on the service performance rather than container performance 3. Monitoring multi-location and elastic services 4. Monitoring APIs 5. Mapping monitoring to organizational structure.

These five principles of monitoring microservices will enable you to establish effective monitoring while addressing both organizational and technological changes.

So, let’s dig a bit deep into each principle.

1. Monitoring containers and what’s inside

2. Service Performance Alerts

3. Monitoring multi-location and elastic services

5. Mapping monitoring to organizational structure

Top 10 Tools for Monitoring Microservices

1. Logstash

2. Reimann

3. Prometheus

4. Elastic Stack

5. Kibana

6. Glowroot

7. AWS Cloudwatch

8. Datadog

9. LightStep

10. Graylog

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