Top 7 Repositories on GitHub to Learn Python

Top 7 Repositories on GitHub to Learn Python

Top 7 Repositories on GitHub to Learn Python: learn Python3, learn Python, full speed Python, Python reference, Python programming exercises, coding problems, The Algorithms.

Popular repositories to either learn the basics or develop mastery of Python

All roads lead to GitHub.

You may remember a similar article I published called “Top 4 Repositories on GitHub to Learn Pandas”. There, I said I was afraid of using anything more than git commit + git push because GitHub is scary. I’ve progressed a little bit: now I remember to hit git pull every time I have fresh work (instead of screaming internally when I try to push my edits and realize that my local repository wasn’t up to date with the master branch).

This time, I decided to compile a similar list of learning resources for Python! Some of them contain tutorial-style Jupyter notebooks, whereas others feature extensive collections of programming problems. All of them have the potential to be useful, depending on your preferred learning style.

If you haven’t used Python at all before, you may benefit from the repositories that have resources for complete beginners. If you’re already comfortable with Python and you’re looking to brush up on a particular subject, say algorithms, there’s also a repository just for you!

  • learn-python3 — Beginner to Intermediate (1.8k stars)
  • learn-python — Beginner to Intermediate (3.9k stars)
  • full-speed-python — Beginner to Intermediate (2.6k stars)
  • python_reference — Intermediate (2.3k stars)
  • Python-programming-exercises — Beginner to Advanced (10.8k stars)
  • coding-problems — Intermediate to Advanced (2.6k stars)
  • TheAlgorithms — Intermediate to Advanced (82.4k stars)

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