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5 Best PSP Emulators for PC (Windows) - Hooks Guide

With a variety of emulators, you can relive your youth with nostalgia by playing hundreds of classic PlayStation Portable or PSP games on your PC.
Now that handheld video consoles are back in vogue thanks to the release of the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid between handheld and desktop consoles, it’s time to remember one of the most legendary video game platforms, such as the PSP or PlayStation Portable, released by Sony back in 2004.
Best PSP emulator.
Although it never achieved the commercial success of its rival Nintendo DS, it has sold over 80 million units in its 10-year life (production ceased in 2014), leaving behind hundreds of memorable titles in which we can now again play on our PCs by choosing the best PSP emulator for Windows, although some are also available for Android, in APK format and macOS.
How to install PSP games on your PC?
After installing this emulator on your computer, you will have to search Google to find the ROMs of your favorite games, as this download does not include any title. The latter are usually in CSO format, a kind of compressed ISO for the PSP, and they hardly weigh a few megabytes, so you can download them in seconds.
After downloading the selected game, just copy the file to the folder where you unpacked the emulator. Then, run the file depending on your operating system and load the game from the menu. That’s all, in a few seconds you will be playing any classic of this portable platform with original graphics and original controls.
What games and ROMs are available?
Well, there are basically a lot of them. Please note that there are over 900 playable games for this console. Not all of them are available for download as ROMs, but you should be able to find most of them:

  • Disgaea
  • Ridge Racer
  • Worms
  • Patapon
  • Soul Calibur
  • Burnout Dominator
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Little Big Planet
  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • GTA: Vice City Stories
    With these programs, you can turn your computer into a gaming console and enjoy classic games that leave only the best experience. You need to: install the program, download the image of the game, and you can enjoy the process of passing. The settings in such programs are minimal.


5 Best PSP Emulators for PC (Windows) - Hooks Guide