Build and deploy a Python bokeh application on a Linux server

Build and deploy a Python bokeh application on a Linux server

Build and deploy a Python bokeh application on a Linux server

This talk largely follows a technical blog post by the same author.

First, and because my company (ASML) has not been represented before at PyData events, I will describe the technology created by ASML and a day in the life of a data scientist at the company.

I will then describe an interactive data application released within ASML that is used by engineers and scientists worldwide. I will also provide an inspiring example of an online data application created by the bokeh dev team, and another found in a technical blog post.

Next I will describe the high-level components of an interactive online data application, and the decisions that need to be made before proceeding to development.

The remainder of the presentation covers all steps necessary to build and deploy an online data application following the IaaS - flask - bokeh approach. I will try to keep the audience engaged with directed questions as we dive into some weeds of server configuration. We will also discuss complete Python code for a baseline interactive data application created with the bokeh library.

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