7 Free APIs That Nobody Is Talking About

7 Free APIs That Nobody Is Talking About

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Nothing excites me more than finding an out of the ordinary API.Many times we just want to focus on the frontend but also need interesting, dynamic data to display.This is where public APIs come into play. API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface.The core benefit of using it is that it allows one program to interact with other programs.Using public APIs allows you to focus on the frontend and things that matter without worrying so much about the database and the backend.Below are 7 less-talked about public and free APIs.

1. Evil Insult Generator How many times have you tried to insult your best friend? Now you have got a helping hand!

As the API name suggests, the goal is to offer some of the evilest insults.

You can create an app centered around this API or combine this API with other excellent APIs provided below like implementing the generated insults in meme templates.

The API is extremely simple to use. You just need to visit a URL and you get the desired JSON output without even signing up for a key.

Sample output of the API is provided below:

{ "number":"117", "language":"en", "insult":"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.", "created":"2020-11-22 23:00:15", "shown":"45712", "createdby":"", "active":"1", "comment":"http://www.mirror.co.uk\/news\/weird-news\/worlds-20-most-bizarre-insults-7171396" }

You get the other properties as well such as the time it was created, the language, any comment as well as the views.

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