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Steps To Send Email Using NodeMailer

In recent times sending email is the most professional way to communicate well. This is a widely used feature in the web market. Email upgrade can’t be missed so, here we will discuss the way of sending Email from Node.js application with NodeMailer. So, first, we simply understand NodeMailer, and then we go for steps.

**NodeMailer **

NodeMailer is a popular module that is used for sending and receiving emails from the NodeJS application. It is a zero dependency module. Moreover, you can send Plain text, HTML, emails, or attachments such as images, documents, etc.

Features of NodeMailer

  • Secure emails delivery
  • Unicode Support
  • Zero dependencies on modules
  • Different transport options

Steps To Send Email Using NodeMailer

There are lots of packages and modules available for sending emails, but from all of them, NodeMailer is most used, favorable, and hassle free so, we look out the steps to implement NodeMailer in the NodeJS application.

Step 1
Create New Directory

Step 2
Install Dependencies

Step 3
Use SMTP for Nodemailer Transport

Step 4
Connection With Mailtrap Account

Step 5
Connect With Gmail Account

Step 6
Send Email With Steps

Step 7
Send Mail With HTML & Attachment

So, here are the steps of How to send email using NodeMailer. If you are looking for code and command with an in-depth tutorial of the same, click on the linked text, and you will find one of the interesting articles.

Steps To Send Email Using NodeMailer