DevOps Engineer: The One With A Holistic View

DevOps Engineer: The One With A Holistic View

DevOps Engineer: the one with a holistic view. Find out how a DevOps engineer contributes (with a set of practices and tools) to improve software products' delivery, ensuring higher quality and speed.

DevOps (Development and Operations) is often considered a methodology, a cultural philosophy, and a set of practices and tools that improve software products' delivery while ensuring higher quality and speed.

As a job function, DevOps is still in its nascent years but has been showing great results. In addition to improving collaboration across development and IT teams, DevOps also enhances reliability, scalability, security, and speed throughout the entire process of software development.

Keep reading to find out more about the main tasks and skills a DevOps engineer has and how it's a challenging and motivating job.

What is DevOps?

DevOps refers to the practices that aim to create, test and release faster, more efficient, and trustworthy software. The name itself is a combination of the word "development" plus "operations", which already suggests that DevOps' responsibilities act in the gap between these two. DevOps models ensure quality and security by automating processes that were typically slower and manual.

As the Internet emerged, software and the digitalization of services became a growing part of our reality in every industry; consequently, DevOps has become more necessary than ever once it can enhance operational efficiencies regarding online services and applications. A reliable and fast software supports a business and - as a valuable component - determines how customers interact with a particular company.

More than just a job position, DevOps is often considered a mindset or a method. Meaning, if the developers try to follow the DevOps principles (like having an end-to-end responsibility, seeking endless ways to improve, automating each possible task, and focusing on the project's end goal), then that's the critical success key to a fast and high-quality product.

Wait... But if DevOps can be considered a mindset, what is a DevOps engineer? Continue reading to find out!

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