Vue.js Voyagers Gamified Travel SPA with D3.js

Vue.js Voyagers  Gamified Travel SPA with D3.js

vue_voyagers Vue.js Voyagers 🪐 Gamified Travel SPA with D3.js

Vue.js Voyagers 🪐 Gamified Travel SPA with D3.js

Vue.js D3.js Star Wars programming challenge

Vue.js D3.js Star Wars Responsive view

Vue.js D3.js Star Wars LinkedIn Post

Vue.js D3.js Star Wars Tweet

Client Requirements:

Use Vue.js

Use API for your data. (

Display a list of Voyagers (characters) and some of their stats.

Display a selectable list of starships.

Create the ability to assign selected voyagers to a starship to create a Voyage.

Have the ability to assign a captain.

Add any other interactive data visualization ideas you think this UI might benefit from.

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  watch: {
      RESTCount : function(){  //  All JSON have been received
          if( this.RESTCount === NUM_NOT_COMPLETE_ONE ) snck.q("Loading ...");
          if( this.RESTCount === NUM_NOT_COMPLETE_TWO ){
              if( this.one2ten() >= 6 ) snck.q("Please Wait ...");
          if( this.RESTCount === NUM_COMPLETE ) this.RESTPost();  //  Init Sort and Gen Rank
      aPeopleSel: function(){
        var that = this;".visual__data--species").selectAll("div").remove(); // Change color by value, rnd if 1".visual__data--species") //  d3.js dynamic charting ( (
            .data( this.aPeopleSel_species )
            .style("width", function( d ) { return d.value * 28 + 84 + "px"; })
            .attr("class", function(d) { 
                var colorClass = ( d.value == 1 ) ?  that.one2ten() : d.value;
                return "visual__data--bg" + colorClass; })
            .text(function( d ) { return ( d.label + " | " + d.value ); });
      aShps: function(){
          if( this.aShps.length == 2 ){ a55Rev.autoOpen("js-rev__splash--id"); }

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Author: neodigm


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vuejs vue javascript

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