Getting Deep Into C++ Pointers

Getting Deep Into C++ Pointers

In this tutorial, we'll discuss the use of Pointers in C++. Pointers excel at making code shorter, more compact, and efficient, proving themselves valuable.


C++ being built on top of C language has readily inherited many core features, which include Pointers. Pointers were proven to be handy when it comes to working with data at memory level Statically or Dynamically. Many Programming Languages use Pointers in some or the other way.

Why Bother Learning Pointers?

Yes, it is so true that the same task could be accomplished without the use of pointers, but we must acknowledge that the proper use of pointers can make code more short, compact, and efficient at the same time.

C++ Pointers in Brief

Pointers were mainly introduced to peek and poke the data from memory effectively. Pointers were made to hold the memory addresses (i.e physical address/memory location) so that one could refer to the data at that memory location through pointers.

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