Deploying Django Apps on Ubuntu Server 18.04 (Using + Supervisor + Nginx)

Deploying Django Apps on Ubuntu Server 18.04 (Using + Supervisor + Nginx)

Deploying Django Apps on Ubuntu Server 18.04 (Using + Supervisor + Nginx).So… you want to show the world what you’ve built with Django 😊. I’ve got you covered!


By the time you are through this article, your app would be able to:

  1. Handle several requests simultaneously
  2. Run as a daemon thread
  3. Restart itself in the event of an _otherwise _fatal error
  4. Restart itself when our server boots
  5. Receive traffic from the outside world

Now, the first tool we’re going to get acquainted with is


Green Unicorn (Gunicorn) is a WSGI server implementation. Owing to its stability, it is quite a popular choice on web app deployments. It currently powers a notable count of the largest Python-powered web applications in the world, one of which is Instagram.

Gunicorn would be give your application to ability to handle several requests simultaneously!

Next up, meet the tool which will make our app run as a daemon thread.


Supervisor, in a nutshell, is a client/server system which allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems. If you’ve previously used launchd or runit, you already have an idea of what Supervisor will help us achieve.

Supervisor would help run your application as a daemon-thread, restart your app in the event of fatal errors, and start your app when we boot our server.

And finally, the good old

gunicorn nginx supervisor django ubuntu

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