Python Packaging walk-through (with explanations)

Python Packaging walk-through (with explanations)

A small tutorial based on my own journey with packaging gitcrawl.

A small tutorial based on my own journey with packaging gitcrawl.

Gitcrawl is a tool which I wrote recently and spend some time on figuring out the right parameters. Thus I decided to write this small walk-through with explanations for my future me, my colleagues and anyone who might find it useful :)

If you just want to know how its done, just jump straight to Building the package

What does a package contain?

  • a collection of modules
  • the documentation
  • any top-level scripts
  • any additional data files required
  • build and install instructions

Simplified output of tree ../gitcrawl pointing out the structure:

├── docs
│   │...<docs build with sphinx>
├── gitcrawl
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├── docs
│   │   ├── ... < docs build with sphinx>
│   ├── ... <the actual code>
│   └── tests
│       └── <contains test code>
├── gitcrawl-env.yml
├── imgs
│   └── <images for the docs/>
├── requirements.txt

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