Dunkin Donuts SEO Project in Python

Dunkin Donuts SEO Project in Python

Predictive Analytics for SEO and Marketing. Using Python for Your Keyword Research

The marketing department (MD) at Dunkin donuts noticed that some of their keyword rankings have dropped over the past 6 months. Therefore, they are engaging in a new SEO program to focus on keywords that dropped to page two on Google. To do this, a predictive model will be developed using training data to predict the keywords that have the potential to drive the most traffic to the website. These keywords will then be focused on for a comprehensive SEO program for the next six months. The data science approach will be utilized to solve this business problem by applying a predictive model to the training data, which will include all keywords except page 2 rankings. Then the results will be applied to page 2 rankings to determine the best keywords to focus on. Success will be determined by improving keyword ranking to page one of google within one year.

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