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Rectify APC Index Mismatch Error In BSOD Windows 10 | Prompt Resolve

Apc_index_mismatch on Windows 10 is an error caused by faulty hardware or incompatible drivers and to fix the issue, you need to identify the driver, then remove or disable it. The APC index mismatch error will force your system to restart whenever it appears. this will occur on almost any device, but the users of Lenovo or Dell laptops reporting it most frequently. This error message will sometimes provide you with the file’s name responsible for this error (ntoskrnl.exe, fltmgr. sys, wdf01000.sys, win32k.sys, vhdmp. sys).

Once you recognize the file name, you would like to do a touch of research and find the application or driver associated with this file. So, let’s learn that how to fix the apc_index_mismatch issues.

Steps to Resolve the APC Index Mismatch Error

APC_INDEX_MISMATCH is a Windows Blue Screen of Death, and if you are dealing with this issue, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. Here’s how:

  1. Deploy a BSOD troubleshooter
    BSOD errors are particularly unique since there’s never a definitive reason why they happen. Still, there’s always the list of usual suspects, like damaged registries, damaged DLLs, driver issues, and hardware trouble.

The fastest way to affect them is to use software that will run through all of the above-mentioned variables, and fix them one by one, thus minimizing the probabilities of BSOD errors triggering.

  1. Check your hardware
    As previously mentioned, BSOD errors can appear because of faulty hardware.
    According to few users, the problem was caused by a faulty touchpad on their laptop, and after replacing the touchpad, the apc_index_mismatch error was resolved.

If your device remains under warranty, you would possibly want to think about taking it to the official fix-it shop for a hardware replacement.

  1. Uninstall the Display Driver
    To remove the DisplayLink driver, you have to download and run DisplayLink Installation Cleaner. After using this software, the DisplayLink driver should be completely removed, and also the APC Index Mismatch error in Windows 10 should be fixed. DisplayLink is helpful when you have an extra monitor, but unfortunately, there are certain issues with the DisplayLink driver and Windows 10.

The blue screen error "APC INDEX MISMATCH can cause you tons of trouble, but fortunately, this Blue Screen of Death error are often easily resolved by using one among the above solutions. But, if the issue persists, you can fix them with some tools.

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Rectify APC Index Mismatch Error In BSOD Windows 10 | Prompt Resolve