How to Integrate Firebase Authentication with Ktors Auth Feature

How to Integrate Firebase Authentication with Ktors Auth Feature

Why not let the experts handle your user management?

If you’re like me, when developing an application, you know security needs to be a priority; you also know that it takes great depth of security knowledge to develop a solid authentication system that’s good enough to ward off todays attacks. This is why it’s often best left to the experts to develop these sorts of systems — experts like those at Google who have built Firebase’s Authentication system, which is easy to implement and maintain for most small to medium sized apps… whether they be web or mobile.

I’m a huge fan of the Kotlin programming language, so I have recently started building backend applications using the open source, Jetbrains developed framework, Ktor. In this article I’m going to show you how to integrate Firebase Authentication with the Auth feature already provided by the Ktor framework.

We all know that recreating the wheel is often just a waste of developer time, so I have used the current JWT feature code as a starting point and edited it to use Firebase instead of a custom JWT implementation, so I must thank the amazing developers at Jetbrains who wrote the original code… thanks guys! :)

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