How do I start learn programming

How do I start learn programming

How do I start learn programming | Exceed Team Tech Blog

All we have described above is a number of useful life hacks that are suitable for studying absolutely any science. Let's turn to the specifics.

You can start learning programming by following these simple steps:

1. Select your area How many programming languages are there? This question is rhetorical because it depends on the category: what is a recognized programming language? So, if you do not take into account the rating of popular programming languages, there are about 10,000 thousand of them.

2. Learn the basics We wrote about this in the previous paragraphs of this article: "From simple to complex”

You should use this principle in any training. As for programming, our advice is simple - do not deepen at the initial stage of training in unnecessary details. The knowledge base is the basis for what should be easily and simply learned and then used by you. When you encounter development in practice, you should start learning more about syntax, frameworks, packages, and libraries.

It may also happen that during the course of training you realize that you need to learn another language. This happens often. Many developers are experimenting with languages. Masters can know more than two.

3. Simple projects are an important practice Learning the basics requires fixing. It is best to remember and really master the knowledge that helps practice. But, where can a beginning developer find it?

Start making your own project. Working on a project will force you to write a plan and you will see how much work you need. For example, you want to create a high-quality portfolio website for yourself. When you start developing it, you will understand what is worth learning further and will create what you have learned. Small results will bring satisfaction and give motivation for further training.

So you will not only have a knowledge base, but also a ready-made website that you can show as your portfolio to the first customers. If your goal is not web development, then you can use the same scheme to create what you need.

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