5 JavaScript Static Analysis Tools

5 JavaScript Static Analysis Tools

Static code analysis allows developers to improve the codebase's readability and consistency while finding possible bugs and anti-patterns.

With the rise of modern software development practices, the prominence of static analysis has grown. Static code analysis allows developers to improve the codebase's readability and consistency while finding possible bugs and anti-patterns. Static analysis tools help us to validate the modern development standards and assess the quality of the same.

A majority of the software development teams, across the world, have been using static code analysis tools. Static code analysis identifies bad and redundant code and fixes it before it lands in production. With automated static analysis, we don't need to rely on dynamic analysis, where the code gets executed on a processor to identify bugs.

Let's take a look at some of the best JavaScript static analysis tools that you can make use of.

Why Use Static Analysis for JavaScript?

The Javascript ecosystem covering almost every development need has gathered pace for the past few years. With static analysis, we can easily maintain the code quality with little effort.

Bugs and duplicated code is retrieved and fixed, with code insights generated at every stage of development. It allows the developers to keep track of the blockers they might face in the code and possibly fix them, thus eliminating a pain point.

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