9 CSS Pro Tips Code this, NOT that

9 CSS Pro Tips Code this, NOT that

Learn the Best CSS Tricks in 10 Minutes - 9 CSS Pro Tips Code this, NOT that: Learn the box model, Firefox is amazing, Flexbox is fantastic, Grid is great, Clamp it down, Aspect ratio one-liner, Variables for Variables, Fancy calculations, Counter state

in my recent poll with over 75 000 responses, CSS topped the list as the most painful technology web developers have to work with, they say it’s broken chaotic, and too damn hard there is even conspiracy that it’s bad by design to protect the app stores, but I think CSS is awesome it’s definitely bloated and difficult to learn comprehensively, but that only because it’s had to evolve over the last 25 years

the picture is about CSS

the picture is from the writer desktop

it comes out at a time when Netscape was the top browser, and the idea of a responsive layout was more than a decade away as more browsers hit the market they all implemented CSS in different ways leading to code that works in one browser, but not the other requiring you the developer to write a bunch of confusing vendor prefixes in your code just to make it work across all browsers.

the picture is from the writer desktop

so, I totally get why you would hate CSS but today is a therapy session where you’ll learn how to write clean CSS using modern features while avoiding the bad code that you shouldn’t have to write in 2021.

the picture is about CSS

the picture is from the writer desktop

the first thing you need to know is how to learn CSS.

  • Learn the box model
  • Firefox is amazing
  • Flexbox is fantastic
  • Grid is great
  • Clamp it down
  • Aspect ratio one-liner
  • Variables for Variables
  • Fancy calculations
  • Counter state

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