An API Gateway Example Bringing Together Vue.js, Express, and Postgres

An API Gateway Example Bringing Together Vue.js, Express, and Postgres

This repository showcases an API gateway fronting an app that uses Vue JS, Express and PostgreSQL. Each piece of architecture is running isolated on their own container.

How it looks like in local

TODO: Add diagram for local development

How it will look like in AWS


The following items should be installed on your machine:

Run the following on the project root directory:

docker-compose up

Access GUI Locally

To access GUI, navigate to http://localhost:52793

To hit an API, navigate to http://localhost:52793/v1/api/users/list

Deploy Cloud Formation Stack via AWS CLI

# Navigate to scripts folder and run the following command
aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name my-stack-name \ 
  --template-body file://root-stack.yml --profile YOUR_AWS_PROFILE_NAME \ 
  --parameters ParameterKey=TemplateS3BucketUrl,ParameterValue=YOUR_S3_URL_HERE

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