CSS Variables Tutorial | CSS Custom Properties | Create theme Dark - Light

Learn about CSS Custom Properties or we say CSS Variables. We are going to cover how to write CSS variables and use them in our projects. We will be building a simple webpage and style it using CSS variables and manipulate the CSS custom properties with JavaScript to build a theme for our website.

Dark Mode using CSS Variables

A complete guide for elegantly implementing and switching between light and dark theme for web apps. Dark Mode Switcher Using CSS Variables in LESS, SASS, or Vanilla CSS. Dark Mode using CSS Variables

Create A custom Dark/Light Mode Switch with React and CSS Variables

I tried a couple other methods to achieve this effect that involved using React's Context API before settling on simple CSS variables. The trouble I ran into using Context was that it simply triggered a re-render and switched the theme colors immediately without applying a transition animation.

Custom Checkbox Pure CSS Tutorial

Custom Checkbox Pure CSS Tutorial. Learn how to create these fancy custom checkbox form elements with pure CSS!

Dark and Light Themes with Tailwind CSS and Nuxt.js

Dark and light mode support has been a recent trend due to the impact on our eyesight caused by the time spent on devices. With Tailwind CSS and the proper Nuxt.js (Nuxt) modules, we can easily enable this feature, with the ability to customize each mode’s look and feel to your taste. Dark and Light Themes with Tailwind CSS and Nuxt.js. Theming a Nuxt app has never been easier