Destructuring in Javascript

Destructuring in Javascript

Destructuring is a very simple concept in javascript, it allows you to pull out some variables from object/array, but it has a lot of features. Here are some cool things you can do with it!


//destructuring object
const fruit = { id: 0, name: "apple", color: "red" };
const { name, id } = fruit;
console.log(id + ": " + name);//0: apple

//destructuring array
const range = [0, 5];
const [min, max] = range;
console.log(min + " - " + max);//0 - 5

//destructuring objects in array
const fruits = [
    { id: 0, name: "apple", color: "red" },
    { id: 1, name: "pear", color: "yellow" }

const [{name: appleName, id: appleId}, {name: pearName}] = fruits;

Destructuring inside of for-of loop

const fruits = [
    { id: 0, name: "apple", color: "red" },
    { id: 1, name: "pear", color: "yellow" }

for(let { id, name } of fruits){
    console.log(id + ": " + name);
    //first loop> 0: apple
    //second loop> 1: pear

Default value

const empty = {};
const { name = "apple", id = 5 } = empty;
console.log(id + ": " + name);//5: apple

const emptyRange = [];
const [min = 0, max = 100] = range;
console.log(min + " - " + max);//0 - 100

Renaming values

const fruit = { id: 0, name: "apple", color: "red" };
const { name: fruitName, id: fruitId } = fruit;
console.log(fruitId + ": " + fruitName);//0: apple

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