How I let Data Influence Choices

How I let Data Influence Choices

A few years ago I dove headfirst into the data-as-a-service (DaaS) space. Using data and common sense to make decisions.

A few years ago I dove headfirst into the data-as-a-service(DaaS) space — like Software-as-a-service but the deliverable is raw or semi-enriched data. At that point, I had very little experience performing in-depth data analyses and not much understanding of our customer personas either. What I did bring was a desire to solve customer problems and a willingness to listen.

What I’ll explain throughout this article isn’t specific to DaaS. However, I will say that my experience focused on data has pushed me to grasp the importance of these nuances much faster than I would’ve otherwise.

This is my product-oriented attempt to explain how I see data and use it to make decisions.

Making Decisions

The human brain may have this part figured out better than we realize. Every day you make many decisions based on external stimuli — “data” — that occurs in the course of your day. Unfortunately in the corporate setting to document, justify, and validate your decisions, you need to understand and articulate this process to your stakeholders.

In recent years the importance and abundance of data have become strikingly more apparent, so much so that data has been called the “new oil”. Data is a raw resource that when utilized properly can help you produce a better-finished product. To achieve that result there are two versions of data influenced decisions that I’ll cover (I’m sure there are more — feel free to share).


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