Improve Signup Rates with django-allauth

Improve Signup Rates with django-allauth

Django-allauth is a reusable Django app that allows signups with social accounts, i.e. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram

What is django-allauth?

Django-allauth is a reusable Django app that allows signups with social accounts, i.e. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram. Supported features include the ability to signup both local and social accounts as well as a pluggable signup form for additional questions. Basically, django-allauth will allow you to quickly handle and create signup flows instead of using Django’s built-in UserCreationForm. Below is a list of all supported providers:

  • Amazon (OAuth2)
  • AngelList (OAuth2)
  • Bitly (OAuth2)
  • Dropbox (OAuth)
  • Facebook (both OAuth2 and JS SDK)
  • Feedly (OAuth2)
  • Github (OAuth2)
  • Google (OAuth2)
  • Instagram (OAuth2)
  • LinkedIn (OAuth, OAuth2)
  • OpenId
  • Paypal (OAuth2)
  • Persona
  • SoundCloud (OAuth2)
  • Stack Exchange (OAuth2)
  • Twitch (OAuth2)
  • Twitter (OAuth)
  • Vimeo (OAuth)
  • VK (OAuth2)
  • Weibo (OAuth2)

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