Create a Coronavirus (Covid-19) App in React

Create a Coronavirus (Covid-19) App in React

Learn how to create a Coronavirus virus map and dashboard with React, Gatsby and Leaflet. Today in this article, we will see about how to create a Coronavirus dashboard.

Today in this article, we will see about how to create a Coronavirus dashboard using React with Gatsby and Leaflet.

Before get into the topic, let’s see what are the steps we are going to follow:

  • Getting started with Leaflet.
  • Fetching API data.
  • Transform the data into geographic data format.
  • Adding the data to the map.

Let’s get into the topic.

Getting Started with Leaflet

We are going to create application that uses an API containing Coronavirus statistics that the country is facing in real-time.

This map will show a marker for each country with the number of confirmed cases. And then we will include a little popup tooltip that shows the detail information.We are using the OpenStreetMap public tileserver. To get started follow the commands:

  • node or yarn
  • Gatsby’s CLI - yarn global add gatsby-cli

First we have to setup a foundation for our map. We can do this by using Leaflet Gatsby starter with React.

gatsby new my-coronavirus-map

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To create Gatsby map

And then navigate to your new project and start the development server.

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