Helm Chart Hooks Tutorial: pre-install VS post-install

Helm hooks are nothing more than just regular Kubernetes manifests. It can be any Kubernetes object such as a Job, pod, configmap, secret, etc. The only difference is that helm hooks are not part of the helm chart release. For example, you may want to run database migration before you deploy a new version of the application. You can create a helm hook that will be executed before the application is deployed.
In this video we will create two types of helm hooks:

  1. pre-install: Executes after templates are rendered, but before any resources are created in Kubernetes
  2. post-install: Executes after all resources are loaded into Kubernetes

0:00 Intro
0:40 Create Helm Chart
1:45 Install Helm Chart

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#kubernetes #helm #helmhooks

Helm Chart Hooks Tutorial: pre-install VS post-install