How to Add SSH Keys To Your GitHub Account

How to Add SSH Keys To Your GitHub Account

Learn how to add SSH keys to your GitHub Account. You can use HTTPS method as well, but ssh-keygen is the way “real devs” handle Git, and if you are here, reading this — you definitely are a “real dev”. Log into your GitHub account. · Click your avatar and choose Settings GitHub Settings

Works for Bitbucket, Gitlab too!

The guide is for windows 10 centric. The steps are 99% same for Linux/MacOS users as all the 3 OS can use gitbash, where the scripts are to be fired, but the only difference might be the commands that are being used. The underlying principles are same.

Why SSH?

Using SSH, you don’t have to provide your username and password for each visit on github. These “visits” include git operations like: push, pull, fetch, clone, etc. You can use HTTPS method as well, but SSH is the way “real devs” handle git, and if you are here, reading this — you definitely are a “real dev”.

Step 1: Generate a SSH key

For Windows 10 users, open either powershell or gitbash on your system.

Start your powershell with “Administrative” rights

Or you can start gitbash, my personal favorite! Right click in the folder where you want to clone the repo (preferably) and select Git Bash Here

Next, paste the below script in your gitbash

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "[email protected]"

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