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What should I do if I forget my Google account password?

You need your Google account password to sync Google Mail (Gmail), Calendar, and Google contacts with your device. You also need this password to use Google Talk and download applications from Android Market.

If you have forgotten your Google account password, you can try to retrieve it on the Google website.

1. On your device or computer, open your web browser and go to

2. Enter the email address or username that you use to log into your Google account.

3. Complete the word verification process. Enter the characters you see on the screen and click Submit.

An email will be sent to the alternate email address you provided when you created your Google account. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

If you do not have an alternate email address or cannot access the email account that you used to create your Google account, you can reset your Google account after 24 hours by answering the security question to recover your Google account password.

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Sign in - Google Accounts
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Google's TPU's being primed for the Quantum Jump

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing Units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute.

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing Units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute.

As the world is gearing towards more automation and AI, the need for quantum computing has also grown exponentially. Quantum computing lies at the intersection of quantum physics and high-end computer technology, and in more than one way, hold the key to our AI-driven future.

Quantum computing requires state-of-the-art tools to perform high-end computing. This is where TPUs come in handy. TPUs or Tensor Processing Units are custom-built ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) to execute machine learning tasks efficiently. TPUs are specific hardware developed by Google for neural network machine learning, specially customised to Google’s Machine Learning software, Tensorflow.

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute. It powers Google products like Google Search, Gmail, Google Photos and Google Cloud AI APIs.

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How To Fix Google Unable To Verify Account


What To Do When Google Is Not Able To Verify Your Account**

Google account recovery is an easy task and can be done within no time but what if Google is unable to verify that the account belongs to you. You may get frustrated in such situations.

If you being a Google user are facing the issue of Google could not verify this account belongs to you, then you don’t have to worry about it.

Process to verify a Google account

Google users first need to visit the Sign up page of Google.

On the Sign up page, users need to enter their Google account username in the given space.

After giving the Google username, users need to click on the Continue button.

Now the Google users need to click on Forgot password and move to the account verification.

Now the users will be asked to enter the last password they remember. If a user does not remember any password then the user needs to click on Try another way.

Now the users need to verify their identity using an email, phone number or by answering security questions.

After the verification, users will be asked to reset their account password. If you are still not able to fix the issue i.e. Google could not verify this account belongs to you, then you can contact the customer support team of Google to get instant help for fixing the issue.

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Have you ever explored those nine dots on your Google account?

Google Waffle or App Launcher helps you to get access to your usual Google Apps, Manage Google Account, and receive notifications by Google Apps.

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What Are Google Compute Engine ? - Explained

What Are Google Compute Engine ? - Explained

The Google computer engine exchanges a large number of scalable virtual machines to serve as clusters used for that purpose. GCE can be managed through a RESTful API, command line interface, or web console. The computing engine is serviced for a minimum of 10-minutes per use. There is no up or front fee or time commitment. GCE competes with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Microsoft Azure.

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Kraken Exchange: How to Sign Up an Account | UPDATED 2021!

In this video, we walk-through how to create a Kraken account on the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto exchanges can be confusing at first, but you will learn how to quickly register and sign up step-by-step on the cryptocurrency exchange: Kraken!
What is Kraken?

Kraken is not just a legendary sea-monster, but Kraken is also a cryptocurrency exchange. You can buy, sell, trade and learn about various crypto’s on their exchange. They allow you to deposit and withdrawal funds with multiple methods.

The platform was founded in 2011 and it is one of the oldest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Kraken is really focused on security and superb customer support. You simply will not find another exchange that is more secure and offers better support for their customers than Kraken. You can make big money on Kraken, they offer leverage meaning that you can trade with more money than you have deposited

There are a lot of really great things that I love about Kraken and I’m an avid user of the Kraken exchange myself. Kraken is one of my favorite exchanges and I think there is something to be said about having access to multiple exchanges.

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Cryptocurrency trading is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money
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