Implementing GraphQL with MuleSoft

Implementing GraphQL with MuleSoft

GraphQL is capable of aggregating the data to find out how powerful is GraphQL and it can be easily implemented using MuleSoft. Implementing GraphQL with MuleSoft


GraphQL is an open-source query language for Rest API's and it is developed by Facebook in 2012 before releasing publicly in 2015. GraphQL allows you to send the query to your API and get the required data. 

REST APIs are powerful and follow a resource-oriented and well-structured approach. However, when the data is complex and it is not possible to fetch all the data within a single request as it involved various operations and routes get more complex. GraphQL is very useful in such cases and structures data in the form of a graph with its powerful query syntax for traversing, retrieving, and modifying data. 

GraphQL is capable of aggregating the data, returns predictable data to the clients. Let us help you understand with the below 2 use cases how powerful is GraphQL and it can be easily implemented using MuleSoft.

Use Case 1

Let's consider the scenario, you have Rest API that returns 10 fields in response but web application requires only 7 fields whereas mobile application requires only 4 fields. In such cases, GraphQL is one of the most optimal options where the client can pass whatever data required as an input request, and GraphQL will return the required fields to the Web Application and Mobile Application. Below is the illustration of Use Case 1.

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