Crypto Betting Platform Bitcasino Now Accepts Cardano (ADA) as Payment Method

Crypto Betting Platform Bitcasino Now Accepts Cardano (ADA) as Payment Method

The world’s first licensed Bitcoin-led casino operator, Bitcasino, has made the progressive move to add one of the top cryptocurrencies, ADA, to its payment

Nhà điều hành sòng bạc dẫn đầu bằng Bitcoin được cấp phép đầu tiên trên thế giới, Bitcasino , đã thực hiện một động thái tiến bộ để thêm một trong những loại tiền điện tử hàng đầu, ADA, vào các phương thức thanh toán của mình. Chủ sở hữu của tiền điện tử Cardano (ADA) giờ đây sẽ có thể tham gia cộng đồng Bitcasino và tham gia vào một loạt các trò chơi trên nền tảng này.


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A Comprehensive View on Cardano

In this blogpost, we will explore what Cardano is and it’s main features. Cardano is a general purpose Blockchain, much like Ethereum, where you can run nodes, develop Smart Contracts and DApps, and it’s powered by a consensus algorithm.

Cardano Vs. Polkadot!! Which Is BEST? SHOWDOWN!!🥊

Cardano Vs. Polkadot!! Which Is BEST? SHOWDOWN!!🥊 Dr. Gavin Wood is the founder of Polkadot. Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano. Given that Polkadot was invented to QUOTE ‘deliver on the promises Ethereum could not’, Polkadot is eerily similar to Ethereum 2.0. Polkadot uses an elaborate hybrid consensus mechanism called GRANDPA/BABE which allows the network to process around 1000 transactions per second. The Cardano blockchain has two layers: the Cardano Settlement Layer which keeps track of token balances and transfers, and the Cardano Computation Layer which runs all the smart contracts. Cardano uses a consensus mechanism called Ouroboros Proof of Stake, which allows the network to process a few hundred transactions per second.

HUGE Cardano 360 event updates! (Cardano Goguen, d=0, + more) // feat. Cardano Live

Hashoshi sat down with Cardano veteran Rick McCracken to discuss the Cardano 360 event which outlined the timeline for the Cardano Goguen update which will bring smart contracts to Cardano. The Cardano Mary hard fork occurred recently, which set the stage for the final update to bring Plutus and Marlowe smart contracts to mainnet in the form of the Alonzo hard fork. As we approach the public testnet for Goguen, the "d=0" date for Cardano is upon us, representing 100% of blocks being produced by independent Cardano stake pool operators.

Cardano or Polkadot!? Which Will Flip ETHEREUM!??

Could Cardano ADA or Polkadot DOT pull the unthinkable in 2021 & “FLIP” Ethereum!? Today we dive into the unknown history of Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood & Charles Hoskinson..all members of the Ethereum founding team & now each have their own version of “proof of stake”. Who is going to prove their stake in 2021!? Tune in to find out!!

Cardano Review 2021: How to Buy, Store & Stake ADA Token

In this Cardano Review for 2021, I take you through an overview of the fast and secure blockchain Cardano, which is supported by their own ADA token.