How to use Unity's Remote Config

How to use Unity's Remote Config

You can use Unity’s Remote Config utility to update settings for users. Lance Talbert walks you through using the utility including a JSON example.

You can use Unity’s Remote Config utility to update settings for users. Lance Talbert walks you through using the utility including a JSON example.

Imagine you’ve spent much time, possibly years, into crafting your Unity app. The app then gets published, the launch is smooth, everything’s good. However, then some time passes, and you want to modify some small item in your app. Maybe it’s a game, and you want to change the base health of an enemy type, or it’s a business app, and you want to notify users of a handy new feature. One might expect the developer to open up their Unity project, whether at home or at a work PC, make the necessary tweaks, and push these changes to their app. However, suppose instead you’re out of town, away from your work PC, and the changes required need to happen as soon as possible. What do you do? One option available is Unity’s Remote Config, a feature that lets you make changes to an app from anywhere in the world so long as you have a web browser and can open your Unity Dashboard.

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