Steps To Implement Vue Router

Steps To Implement Vue Router

Here’s a step-by-step guideline on implementing basic and dynamic Vue routing with the Vue Router example. Learn and code with the Vue Router tutorial.

If you want to develop a front-end application, Vuejs is the ultimate solution. Vue Js is a progressive and robust javascript framework that is mostly used for building single-page applications.

The Sooner you make a request to back-end rendering to the respective page with front-end Vuejs offers Vue Router library that manages mechanism and knows as routing. Moreover, this provides a wonderful user experience with enhancing application responsiveness.

So, next, we look out some steps to implement a Vue router. I assume that you will be familiar with Vuejs so, without wasting your time, let's look at the steps. As for the proper understanding, we divided steps into four different parts such as:

Project Setup Create components Linking components using Vue Router Dynamic Routing Implementing Page Not Found

1.Project Setup: In the project setup you need to first Install Vue-CLI after then Create a new project and Install dependencies, lastly, Run the server.

2.Create Components: In this, we need to look out the main.js, App. Vue, router/index.js pages/post.Vue, UI/base post.Vue, service.js with its code to implement it.

3.Dynamic Routing: In the dynamic routing we need to consider the router/index.js, base post.vue, postdetail.vue, ui/basecomments.vue.

4.Implementing Page Not Found: In the last step we need to consider router/index.js and page not found. Vue for the successful implementation of Vue router.

In Nutshell

So, further, as I discussed the steps for the dynamic Vue routing for the successful implementation for its more in-depth information I Suggest you click on the Vue router and you will get a guided path with its code.

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